About me

Hi, I’m Paul and I run the PixelCrisp site from my adopted hometown of Stuttgart. Here I would like to show my photographs and also deal with topics related to photography and image processing. Most of my photographs are taken during travels around the world, but I also travel a lot in Germany – especially in beautiful Swabia, of course. The focus of my photography is on landscape, cityscape and macro. The two subjects of city and landscape photography can be combined very well with travelling, hiking or city tours, while macro photography is more of a local affair. From time to time, however, I also try my hand at other subjects; after all, you learn and grow with the challenges.

My enthusiasm for photography started over 10 years ago and has continued until today. Back then, there was basically only a choice between Canon, Nikon and “the rest”, so I ended up with Canon and have stayed with it today, although that doesn’t really matter much except for details. So I bought my first camera, my first lens and my first tripod. I started shooting, albeit with moderate success. After numerous tutorials and practice, I can now talk about photography, no longer about taking pictures.

On social media, I’m on Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Agora. There is also a YouTube channel, but it is still under construction.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Would you like photos or a collaboration? Then just send me a message!