A new beginning

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So here it is. My first photography website. It took a long time, 7 years… so to speak. In 2013 I registered this domain and started working on it. Unfortunately I never finished the website at that time. I was simply dissatisfied with my pictures and never started the site. At that time I chose a new Content-Management-System (CMS), which is focused on photographers: Koken. It had interesting features, you could easily manage pictures and design the website.

However, this choice later turned out to be a problem. Koken rarely received updates, at some point it was sold and finally the development was basically stopped. In the meantime, security critical bugs were found in this CMS – but never fixed. So I stopped work and finally just deleted the whole website.

This year, thanks to the Corona crisis, I took up the topic again and this time I stayed on it. The first thing I did was to look for a new CMS, the choice is big, the choice not necessarily easy. All systems offer different advantages and disadvantages. You can still rent a webspace and set up a CMS there, so you can host the whole thing yourself. Or you can simply rent a finished system and pay monthly for it. Known providers are Squarspace or Wix. Since I already had the webspace and my webhost offers a simple setup I decided to use WordPress. The result can be seen here.

This time I am also ready to present my portfolio.

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